"From our delicious family recipes to the best local ingredients, our succulent sandwiches will be a mouth watering taste of South America. Chuta Madre!"  Love Mama Florita



Chuta Madre

Chuta Madre’s inspiration was derived from the unmistakable flavors of South American street food. It all started with our mother’s mouthwatering recipes and love for cooking. The captivating taste of fine Ecuadorian cuisine has remained deep in our roots. From there, we moved to the most diverse city in the world, New York. 

So after years of compliments and praise, an idea was born, Chuta Madre! We thought it was time to share our delicious cuisine with the world. 

Chuta Madre is a common Ecuadorian expression when something evokes emotion and enthusiasm. There’s no better way to describe this sandwich. It’s big, juicy, and loaded with the good stuff. Our marinated pork and turkey is the best in the game. It will leave you salivating. From the succulent juices to the perfect texture, get ready for an indulgent experience. The sandwich consists of delicious cage-free pork leg or turkey, savory lime pickled red onions, chopped lettuce and a side of crispy chicharron (a must have). Chuta Madre brings the authentic flavors of South American street food with a homemade feeling. 

Our goal is to bring high quality delectable sandwiches that are sure to leave an impression after the first bite. We believe Chuta Madre will leave an indelible mark and will keep you coming back for more. If you’re looking for the South American experience, we got the stuff. 


Mama Florita & Chuta Madre Team